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Cisco SCOR 350-701 Practice Test Questions, Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam dumps

Cisco Certifications - CCNP SCOR

1. Cisco Certification Updates - FEB 2020

The next thing we'll see are the major updates, like the three certification tracks remaining the same. Now, Cisco actually made changes to all the three certifications. Like previously, when you talk about certification changes, like how we used to have a CPR at Cisco, let's say Cisco updates the CCN security to a new paper. Or, every now and then, Cisco will update the service for a paper, or perhaps a CCNP, and add one more paper. Or they will remove one paper and add a newspaper or release with a new version like five one like that five two or maybe a six version. So in general, most of the time when any changes occurs, they will make changes mostly on selected tracks time to time. But this time the change is going to impact on all the three certifications, of course, in all the tracks. So it's not just limited to one certification track; it applies to all beginning February 24, 2020. So that is a time limit when these certifications will start.

Okay, so the major changes, like all the tracks and the levels, will get affected by these changes. So all the changes will affect each and every track, each and every level, the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. And the main certification track remains the same. Like the main tracks will be like CCNA, CC and PCCI the same. And there are no more CCNA specializations in general. So CCNA specializations will not be offered any more. Basically, as I said previously, before, means up to February2023, you will be having still you have the specialization papers in CCNA now, this is gone now. So basically, you don't have this. So there will be only one CCNA common for technical, the normal CCNA, and we don't call that by any name; it's just a CCNA that covers the foundations of all the tracks. Normally basically, mainly like virtualization concepts, you get an idea, some security basics. Also you cover in the CCNA as well as you also get some idea about the other tracks as well.

So it's like one common CCNA. Now, if you want to specialize, then you can directly jump into the CCNB security or CCNB Enterprise or whatever the track specialization, you can directly jump into that. Furthermore, if you want to do some automation, there is a software track for CCDA Cisco called as net Associate, Cisco Certified Associate Certifications. So there are only two CCNA tracks. One is for technical and one is for the software side. And again, as I said, the tracks will be consolidated at the CCMP and the CCI level itself. Which means if you want to specialize CCNP security, then basically you will be directly jump into the security CCNP security.

There is no requirement for CCNA. There's no more CCNA security being offered now. One more major update is that entry-level certifications have been removed. CCENT is an entry-level certification if you already know and have done it. If you want to get your CCNA, wait until February 2000 or before February 24. Then, basically, you can either pass this one exam—this is one exam, generally speaking—or you can pass these two exams. And if you pass this one exam, I'll send you one. Then, in essence, you will receive an entry-level Network Technician certification. So this is going to be retired. So basically, that will expire, and there's no replacement for this.

Now, if you want to get your CCNA certification, then you need to pass this one exam, and there will be only one exam. Now, that is the new CCNA 2030 one, and it's going to take effect on February 24, 2020. So you have to take only one exam now. So everywhere it will be one exam, and there are no more patterns like what we had earlier. So apart from that, let's see some more changes, like CCNP certifications. Other options, such as CCN certification, are no longer required if you want to obtain your CCNP certification. So the first exam you have to pass is your CCNA, right? So pass your CCN exam, and then you need to jump into the CCNP.

Then of course, you have multiple papers. Like in some CCNP tracks, we have four papers; in other tracks, we have two, three, or four papers, depending. So you have to pass all the papers in order to get your CC and be certified. And let's say if you are planning for CCI, you can go directly CCI with an exam. No need for CCNA. CCNB exams normally, okay? So this concept has been removed now, so there is no longer a prerequisite. If you want to pursue a career in security, you can begin with the CCNP Security. And if you want to make CCNP enterprise your carrier, which is a replacement for your routing switching track, you can directly jump into this. so there's no more prerequisite certification required. Of course, knowledge-wise, you need to have CCNA.

You still need to have a foundational knowledge of CCNA Level 1 before you can directly jump into the CCMP certifications. Now, in order to get your CCMP certification, you have to pass any one of the core exams. There is one more core exam and then there will be one concentration exam, which means basically there will be one core exam in all the tracks. In terms of enterprise, we have CCNP Encore, which is a paper code. You have to pass this exam. And once you pass this exam now, this is a pre-exam for the exam. So if you want to get your CCNP certification, you have to choose any one paper from this list. Out of these papers, he could choose anyone. So we call them concentration exams. Concentration exams. More specializations on one specific technology or selected technologies where you learn more about that technology in depth. Like we have some advanced routing options, HDM options, and wireless papers, we have some automation papers as well. So you can opt for any one of the papers.

So it's up to you. So basically, the more papers you add, the more skills you generally possess. So, if you pass any of these exams, you will receive this specialist certification in general, okay? So if you're passing this exam, then you'll be called as advanced routing, switching, engineer kind of thing. So if you pass this paper, then basically you will be called a SD band specialist, and you can take the exams in any order. There is no prerequisite. Like you have to compulsory do this exam. It's not like that. So any exam you can write, and let's say I want to write this exam, you can pass this exam and you can get the specialist certification also. And later on, to complete your CCNP, you'll have to pass this core exam. So you can go in any order, it's up to you. So there are no prerequisite orders. Like you have to compulsory do CCNA or code paper, there is no more like that. So in any order, you can write the exams.

So the more exams you pass, basically, you get more specialist certifications. But to get CCNP, you must pass this exam and any one exam from this list. So these are the two options. These are the two papers you need to pass in order to get your CCNB certification. Any track? It's common again, okay? So the same core exam is also required to pass your CCNP as well as your CCI certification. Again, if you see this code paper, this is the security code paper, as shown in the diagram. So this is your course paper in security tracking. The same as we have Encode here. Now, once you pass this course paper, we have two options. You can either go for your CCNP certifications, so if you want your CCNP certifications, you must pass any one exam from this list or whatever list you have. Of course, this list will vary for each and every track. And let's say you want to go for CCI certification. Then again, this is the prerequisite.

So you have to pass the score exam, and then you can schedule your lab, and you can prepare for your CCI lab exam. So like previously, if you want to go for CCIE, then basically you have a written exam, the CCI written exam, that you have to pass until February 23 again, okay? And then you need to book the CCI lapse so you can book the CCI lab exam. Once you pass this written exam, you can schedule the lab and appear for the lab. And once you pass the lab, you get CCI certified. But now it's no longer like this. So, we need to pass this CCNP court paper.

So again, the court paper will vary. In security, it is called a security core. In enterprise core, we call it "m core." And if you're using a service portal, we call it the service portal core. So, depending on your current path, you must pass this exam. Now, this pass exam is also eligible for your CCIE schedule. That means this is more of a prerequisite for your CCI exam, and if you don't want to go for CCI but still want your CCNB certification, we'll need to pass anyone's concentration exam. Yeah? So if you pass any one concentration exam, then you get CCNP certification, and you don't want to go for CCNP. Let's say you want to go for CCI, then you can also schedule your CC lab in the future.

2. Cisco Re-Certifications

The next thing is the certification. The certification is valid for three years for all, including your CCNA, CCNP, CCI, or all your specialist certifications. So previously, CCNA and CCNP certifications were valid for three years, and your CCI certification was valid for two years. and there will be one year. One year. There is something called certification. It will deactivate. In general, if they do not deactivate, it will be as if they are in sleep mode.

3. CCNP Certifications

So the next thing, like the CCNP level, is the URL where you'll find the professional level certification and the updates. Now, again, in the CCNP, as I said, there will be six tracks. CCNP data centre enterprise So basically, this enterprise is going to cover both your wired as well as your wireless networks. Now, in that regard, there will be two specific models that focus on wireless. So, if you want to specialise your carrying-on onto the wireless tract, you basically need to cover the court paper.

4. CCIE Certifications

To the expert level certifications like I've searched with this URL. Cisco. Expert-level certifications? the first one. So this is your first one. Now, here again, you have six different tracks. Again, in this CCI, DevNet will be coming. So we have six tracks again from the CCNP. Enterprise CCNP encore So once you prepare for this CCNP encore, you can go for either Enterprise Infrastructure Now, this is more CCI on your wide track. And again, this is for Wireless Track.

Now, this Enterprise is again split into two separate CCIs. One is for wide, and one is for wireless. And other tracks are the same, like the CCNP Data Center, which will take you to the CCI Data Center. And then CCMP Security takes you to the same CCI Security base service portal, as well as collaboration tracks. So, basically, if you're reintroducing Enterprise Wireless, This is the track once more; if you click on this Enterprise Wireless again, you'll see the information here. Exams once more. As I said, even if you are going for CCI, any CC exam. So the prerequisite exam will be your end goal. So this is the same paper for both the CCI Enterprise infrastructure as well as the CCI Enterprise wireless track. Yeah.

5. Cisco Certification Migration Options

Okay, the next thing we'll talk about is something called the "certification migrations." Like, what if you have already passed the existing CCMP certifications or CCI certifications? And what will your certification status be? As an example, suppose you achieve any of the certifications before February 24 and then receive the equivalent new certification after that date. For example, if you pass your CCNA certification in, say, routing and switching, you basically get your new CCNA certified status.

If you pass this exam in 2019, for example, your certification status will be valid until 2022, a three-year span. If you have already passed the CCI security, you will receive the same certification status. Of course, the routing and switching may show up in the enterprise track now, so that's the status. So even now, you don't need to worry about the existing certification status. And every three years, you have to recertify for all the tracks, including the CCNP and CCI tracks. Okay, so what if I have passed the CCNP certifications before this? And let's say you have passed any one of these exams. So Cisco has a migration tool you can search for.

CCNP Migration Tool Cisco CCNP Migration Tool. You can click on this URL to find some information here. Now, depending upon the track you select, if you are already certified in CCNP routing and switching, you can use this URL and click on these options. These are the current tracks. What is available now for the CCNP prior to this 24? Now, if I have already passed the CCNP without exam, then, after February 24, what do I have to do? So if you have already passed this exam, then, basically, to get your CCNP Enterprise certification now, you have to pass these exams, you have to pass this one exam, and additionally, you have to pass any one exam from this list. And what if I have passed two papers?

Let's say you just take these two options, and they will show you the options. If you have passed these two papers, then you'll be getting the specialist certification. You will receive this. Just go get certified as a specialist, and if you want to get your new CCNP Enterprise, then you have to pass any one of the exams. You must take any one of those exams—normally, any one exam must be passed. So what if I have passed all three? Now, if you have already passed all three, then your certification status will be changed to Cisco Certified Specialist in the Enterprise Core and then Cisco Certified Specialist in the Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation. Again, you can just take this option—or even the already-passed route—and switch. And basically, you get this certification status. Like you get this.

Cisco Specialist Certification for Enterprise Implementation And also, if you want to get your CCNP, then you have to pass this example. So depending upon the tracks you have passed, you can choose this option. The same thing is applicable for any other tracks. If you're already certified in some of the papers of the CCNP certificate, then you can take these options, and depending upon that, you can see clearly what certifications you will be receiving. And if you want to get the new CCNP certification, then basically, what are the exams you need to appear for and pass in general? Okay, so this is your CCP Migration Tool. With the help of this tool, you can figure out that this is more applicable for the people who have already passed some of the exams and who want to figure out what their certificate status will be after February 2020.

And if you have any active CCI certifications, the validity period will be three years. Like previously, it will be like two years plus one year. It will be in a suspended state. Suspended sounds like you will not get the benefits of the CCI-certified options. That is the difference. And now it will be no more. It will be valid for three years, normally. So every three years, you have to recertify the next thing. What if you have passed the CCI in writing? Let's say I have already appeared for my CCI written exam, and maybe I have also appeared for the CCI written routing and switching track or any other track. And if I'm unable to schedule my lab exam before February 24, 2020, The same return is then valid for scheduling the next lap on the new track, i.e. whatever the relevant track is. similar to routing and switching You can use it for CCI Enterprise as well, but make sure that whatever the validity period is, it is within that period of time. In general, the valid period is 18 months for this written exam. So make sure you don't miss that deadline.

6. CCNP Required Exams

So the exams for the CCNP are now due before February 24, and you need to pass three, four, or five papers depending upon the new track. You have to get your CCNP certification. It's no longer like that. So if you want to get your CPR/CNP certification, you have to pass one exam that is part of your core and any one exam from your concentration exams.

So basically, the core paper or the technology core exam covers the foundation knowledge and most of the common concepts, which means that mostly all these concepts you generally find here are the common concepts, but not in depth. We can say, like, "you still learn routing and switching," probably in the core. However, if you want to go deeper, there is a track that is specialized over there. You get some knowledge of automation—foundations, foundations, basically here.

If you want to go deeper, there is a separate track or a concentration exam for that. So generally, the CCMP certifications have a concentration exam. Each paper specializes in a deeper dive into that particular technology. But whereas the core exam is like foundation knowledge and internally covers all the common concepts you need to know, As I said, again, this course is a prerequisite to getting your CCNP certification.

So if you want to get your CCNP certificate, you have to pass this core exam and any concentration exam from this list in the case of CCNP Enterprise. These are the six options we have. If you want to go for the CCI, you can pass this core exam and schedule your lab for the CCI exam. Like here, you can see the list of papers. I'll give an overview of this court paper here. But individual papers—as you can see, these are the individual papers. Like the first paper here, you can see the advanced routing services. And then this is more into SDWAN. Cisco is Demand Solutions, which is more into designing your enterprise networks. The following two papers are about wirelessly designing your wireless networks. And.


Security Core - 350-701

1. CCNP Security Certifications

And for CCNP requirements, as I said already, starting on February 24, if you want to get your CCNP certification, you have to pass all the exams like the current CCNP track we have at 5:00 p.m. Then, if you want to get your CCNP security certification, then you have to pass all four exams. But from February 24 onward, there are no more prerequisites, meaning you can directly appear for CCNP exams. As a result, no prerequisites such as CCNA are required. And from February 24 onward, if you want to get your CCNP security certifications, you have to pass any one core exam, like this one for security implementing and operating Cisco core technologies (Cisco security core technologies). And you have to pass one specialization paper. Now, the basic difference between these two modules is the security paper. The code paper is going to cover the overall foundation of the topics, okay? So foundational knowledge of all the topics will be covered. Like me, you will also understand some foundational knowledge of the firewalls—what they do exactly and the common concepts, but more in terms of some critical concepts. And to some extent we'll also have some practical laps. Also, this is more like the prerequisite exam, the foundation; you can say this is more like your CCS security track, also known as the CCI written exam. So it covers some of the basics of security, and along with the advanced level, you need to have some knowledge on the CCI level as well.

However, as you progress deeper into more individual technologies in the concentration exam, this concentration exam will take you even deeper into the individual technology. You can use technologies such as the Cisco Next Generation Firewall to specialize in Cisco Firepower. So this is your track. So basically, you will be learning about the Cisco next-generation firewall and the next-generation IPS, how they are implemented, and also the confirmation examples. And suppose you want to specialize in Cisco Ice, the Cisco Identity Service Engine, such as implementing and other network-based authentication, authorization, and accounting options. So there's the Cisco device called the Cisco identity service engine. You can also specialize in network access—probably the stating network access—as well as user access or remote access. So if you want to specialize yourself on securing the emails, then we have this track securing your emails, email security appliance, that's a Cisco product for filtering the spam and kind of email filtering or email security options.

And also, we have something like web security. So if you want to specialise yourself in web security, now we have a special separate product from Cisco called Cisco WSM. So, if you want to specialise in VPN technologies, such as implementing virtual private networks, this is the paper for you. And finally, if you want to specialise yourself in automation, this is the paper to go for. That is where you will learn how to automate tasks, particularly with Cisco security solutions. So again, it's not like you need to get knowledge of all the papers, but typically you'll get an overview of all the options here in the security core and then, depending upon the requirement, you can choose any one of these specializations. And of course, the more papers you add, the more likely you are to have more hands-on knowledge of multiple security products or the security devices here. But again, even if you pass any of these exams, you will get the specialist certification as well. Again, if you're going to the CCI level, you basically need to know all of these options because you'll probably be tested on all of them at the end of the CCI exams.

Okay, so basically, if you are going to the CCIE, you'll be taking all the modules. Again, all of these modules likely cover more than 70% of the CCI level concepts, and you will most likely add some more options later on. Like here, you can see the CCNP certification overview. Like if you talk about the major changes, the major changes is all because of the software and networking has become more interconnected today. Like most of the network-related tasks, the security-related tasks will be automated based on the software applications. As a result, most security teams must use automation to scale their security solutions in order to provide some level of scalability.

So, for the majority of security solutions, security professionals must have a diverse set of skills as well as in-depth knowledge of the individual platforms for which they work. And that's what this new certification track is all about. It's all about the major changes and adding those technologies in the current silver so that you canget more hands on knowledge on those particular technologies. Like I already said, you need to pass the core exam. Now, the core exam primarily focuses on overall topics, such as network security concepts; you will most likely understand some network security concepts; and you will also get an overview of the clock security options, endpoints, content security options such as web security or email security options; and endpoint security protection such as antivirus programmers on endpoints and securing network access. If you want to provide secure network access, such as when a guest user connects, that is more on Ice, and you will most likely see here securing network access for users and then providing some visibility. And visibility is about monitoring and information options. So the core exam is kind of like an overview of all the concepts, like building some strong foundation knowledge. and probably the concentration exam is going to focus on individual technologies. As we have separate Firepower models, you will most likely be delving deeper into those individual technologies.

2. CCNP SCOR - 350-701

Is this certification associated with your CCNP certification? Like I said, you need to pass this core exam plus one concentration exam to get your CCNP CT. Or you can pass this exam and appear for the CCL lab. Schedule the CCL Lab. And once you pass, you can get into CCI security. Or even if you don't write this or this, even if you are just going with only cold paper, you will be getting a Cisco security specialist certificate. So these are the three different certifications this particular security code paper is associated with.

3. SCOR 350-701 Contents

The next thing is an overview of the contents here. Like if you just click on this URL, thisis the URL where you'll find the contents. And of course, you can also find the contents by searching with keywords. Even if you can't find the URL, you can search for CCMP security score exam topics on the Cisco website, The Learning. So it will automatically take you to this URL here. So you can download this PDF, probably, from here. And as you can see, there are six major sections here, as well as security sections such as this, which is more about security concepts, so more into theoretical concepts such as understanding the various types of vulnerabilities.

There are various types of attacks, such as what are viruses, what are frozen, and what are those attacks? Basically, a critical knowledge of all these options and an additional understanding of some other vulnerability options like security bugs or hard-coded passwords are required. What are the options? What are the vulnerabilities in your network? And then probably here you'll be learning about some kind of cryptography. Cryptography is more about understanding the compression options. So basically, in these papers, like here, you can see that there's an understanding of the common vulnerabilities and options section, and this is more about cryptography and understanding the encryption or hashing methods and how they work, as well as the public infrastructure options. You will most likely gain a better understanding of that.

And I believe this section is about understanding VPNs, the various types of local and remote VPNs, and what they do. Again, this is comparing the different types of VPNs, but again, as I said, if you want to dig deeper into the VPNs, there will be a paper dedicated to that and then you will understand. Now this option is relevant to some kind of automation, like understanding the SN architecture and then understanding the DNAC, or interpreting some of the basic Python scripts. So, probably, I'll be separating the content a little bit.

Not exactly, because we'll be going in a different order. Not exactly because here like the mix up of the topics here. But this is more on the security concepts here and in terms of network security. Now in this network security options you will be seeing the different security solutions you'll be implementing. Like what are the install some IPS. Why do we do this, and how do we then configure the firewall devices in our network? What they actually do, followed by the various deployment models like exactly what they provide. Options for intrusion prevention systems (IPS) or firewall capabilities Understanding Netflix. Then we'll probably see some configurations. So most of the options where you see "compare" or "describe" are more on the ritual stuff, but probably when you see something like "configuration" or "implementation" options, that means we'll be seeing some kind of practical implementation as well. So these options are more relevant to understanding the layers of security. Like what are the different types of threats you generally see in the land and how it can mitigate with the help of some security features like the can be mitigated with DHCP snooping feature arc inspections. Private VLAN.

how we segregate the network with the help of private VLANs. Probably more on that and of course understanding the data plans. how to protect your control plane. Data plane and Management Plane Options probably also see that. If you proceed, you'll see options such as application visibility, control, and URL filtering, which are most likely in the firewalls.

And apart from that, you also have other options like this, which is a little bit relevant to management and services. And understanding the AAA concept is something we implement on the network side, such as authorization, triple transfer, authentication, authorization, and accounting, authenticating users, as well as the various options with SNMP and then VPNs. We'll see some basic VPN implementations, such as side-to-side VPN, as well as the more basic access VPN configuration. But again, as I said, we'll be getting into more depth in the VPN section, probably in the S VPN paper.

So these options are more focused on virtualization and securing the cloud, cloud infrastructure; what are the various options? Most likely, it's more about securing the cloud infrastructure. So first we'll understand the security solutions, what are the differences between the in house or the cloud options, the public private hybrid clouds basically. And the next section again talks more about content security. Content security is more about securing your web traffic with the help of WSA and then ESA, and your email traffic.

Content filtering primarily refers to filtering the contents that move through your network via URL filtering, Marvel, scanning these options, and endpoint protection. This is more about antivirus programmers or how we can secure end devices. We call it "endpoint protection and detection" and the options leading to that.

And then finally, we also have security solutions here for endpoints with something called mobile device management options. MDM and finally, we'll be seeing some other options like the network access element options, where we'll see some of the basic authentication options like 80-1 X-Map web authentication. What exactly is the difference between them and also some other options, like some of the component capabilities and the benefits of some of the security products? But again, as I said, when we are getting into description, it means we don't get into a complete implementation or confirmation of this, but as you probably know with our CCNP, other papers or the CCI advanced topics will be getting more deeply into this.


Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam Dumps, Cisco SCOR 350-701 Practice Test Questions and Answers

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We always try to provide the latest pool of questions, Updates in the questions depend on the changes in actual pool of questions by different vendors. As soon as we know about the change in the exam question pool we try our best to update the products as fast as possible.

What is a Study Guide?

Study Guides available on Exam-Labs are built by industry professionals who have been working with IT certifications for years. Study Guides offer full coverage on exam objectives in a systematic approach. Study Guides are very useful for fresh applicants and provides background knowledge about preparation of exams.

How can I open a Study Guide?

Any study guide can be opened by an official Acrobat by Adobe or any other reader application you use.

What is a Training Course?

Training Courses we offer on Exam-Labs in video format are created and managed by IT professionals. The foundation of each course are its lectures, which can include videos, slides and text. In addition, authors can add resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students.

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