Monthly Archives: December 2022

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Security Part 2
December 21, 2022

4. Demo Configure the NSX-T Edge Firewall In this video, we’ll configure the NSS 3.0 data centre gateway firewall, and I’ll be using the free labs available at to demonstrate these tasks. So we’re going to reconfigure the North and South firewalls. This is basically the perimeter firewall for our NSX domain, and the […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Security Part 1
December 21, 2022

1. NSX-T Firewalls Before we get started, I want to make sure that everybody understands the concept of a stateful firewall. So let’s break it down in a little diagram here. At the bottom left, you can see I’ve got a virtual machine, VM 1, that’s connected to a Layer 2 segmen, and it’s running […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: NSX-T Edge Services Part 2
December 21, 2022

7. Load Balancing And in the next lesson, we’re going to do an extensive demo showing you how to set up load balancing in Nsxt two four. So let’s start with Layer 4 load balancing. And there are a couple of characteristics that I just want to mention. Load balancing is enabled on a Tier […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: NSX-T Edge Services Part 1
December 21, 2022

1. Layer 2 Bridging And that’s the basic purpose of layer 2’s bridging. It allows you to connect an overlay segment with a VLAN. And you can have virtual machines or even physical servers with the same IP address range as your virtual machines that are connected to an NSX layer 2 segment. So now […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Routing Part 5
December 21, 2022

11. NSX-T Routing Protocols Now, just bear in mind, the Tierzero Gateway is our north-south router. This is the router that’s going to form a relationship with the physical routers in our network. And so, how does it know which traffic to send to those physical routers? How does it learn routes from them? And […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Routing Part 4
December 21, 2022

8. Service Router Active/Standby Availability In this video, we’ll take a look at the high-availability configuration of our edge cluster. And as you can see here, I’m logged into the NSX user interface, and again, I’m using the free hands-on labs available at Hol So let’s start by browsing to “system” and “fabric.” We’re […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Routing Part 3
December 21, 2022

5. Demo – Configure North South Routing In this video, we’ll learn about north-south routing in a multi-tier routing environment. And if you haven’t already done so, I recommend you watch the previous video where we configured east-west routing because we’re going to be building on that here. And all of these tasks are going […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Routing Part 2
December 21, 2022

3. NSX-T Multi-Tier Routing Architecture And let’s start by talking about the use cases. So, in multi-tier architecture, you’re going to add some complexity here. And so we have to have a good reason to do that, right? We want to keep things as simple as we possibly can, but we can make them more […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Routing Part 1
December 21, 2022

1. Introduction to NSX-T Distributed Routing At a very high level here. So the first concept that I want to explain is the concept of east-west routing. And so when we’re talking about East-West, basically what I want you to think about is routing between systems in the same network. So for example, with NSX, […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Logical Switching Part 2
December 21, 2022

5. NSX Controller Tables And the big three tables are the Mactable, the ARP table, and the TEP table. So let’s start at the beginning with the ARP table. The first table shown here is our ARP table. And the ARP table is essentially saying, “Okay, every single virtual machine has a Mac address.” What […]

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